What To Bring On Your Next Beach Getaway

Post on November 24, 2017 | SOGO Malaysia

Itching for your next adventure of exploring the unknown places? We all do! Don’t we? *wink* The thoughts of going out of our cubical confinement can easily fill our brain with euphoria and excitement. If you have successfully booked your tickets to wherever your heart desires, great! Now what you need is to cross another task from your getaway to-do list, the less enjoyable and stressful (for some), which is...packing.


But that’s where we come in! We list out our top holiday essentials to help you look the part as you shower your skin with enough vitamin D. Hopefully with this list, your next packing experience will be nothing but a piece of cake!


1. It’s getting hot in here!


Bathing under the sun is indeed satisfying and relaxing, but failing to apply a sunscreen lotion can probably make you look like an overcooked turkey by the time you are done. Remember to apply a sufficient amount of lotion on your skin before you go out. We suggest you get the SPF30 for the extra protection you need.


2. Goodbye suits and ties


Leave your ties and the rest of the corporate look behind, it’s your day off, remember? Pack some wild and colourful printed shirts to show that there’s still fun inside of you.


3. Kicking it old skool


Doesn’t matter if you are on the airplane, hotel or at the beach side, a great book always means a good company. It’s good to part ways with all the tech and gizmos for a while. You'll thank us for this.


4. Show them what you got.


Time to put that calves you have been working on for months to work. It’s going to be warm and humid anyways, so shorts are definitely the best way to go!


5. Be mysterious


The sun will definitely be out and shining brightly. Since squinting your eyes is never a good idea, why don’t you pair your outfit with a classic style sunglasses. A mysterious person often attracts attention, right? However, please avoid wearing it indoors.


6. Hang it loose

Flip-flops or sandals are always ready for the beach, you can head straight to the bar after a good tan too. How convenient!


7. Hat is not just for magician


You can blend in well with the other beachgoers with a tropical style hat, it looks great with the simplest shorts and T-shirt too. Nice!


8. Plain or graphics?


Still need more convincing? It’s stylish, simple and comfortable.


9. Pack it up

Pack light so you won’t have to resort to bring a heavy wheeled suitcase with you, opt for something stylish like a good leather weekend bag to carry all your getaway essentials.



10. Excuse me, do you have the time?


Yes, we know you’re on your holiday but you still need to tell the time, don’t you? Get a water-resistant watch and save yourself from spending your travel budget on a brand new watch after your dip session in the sea. Every penny counts!


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