The OG Skate Brand Hits Fashion Arena

Post on June 06, 2018 | SOGO Malaysia

Doesn’t matter whether you love to shred the pavement, bust technical flip tricks… smooth Varial Kickflip over the stairs, or perhaps you just want to look the part, we know for a fact that it is time to cherish as the OG skate brand Vans has made its way to SOGO's Fashion Arena! As a way to welcome and commemorate the brand, we came up with 10 reasons for you to rock or add the iconic footwear brand to your rotation.


1.The colourways are infinite!

Blue? Yellow? Red? You name it, they got it!


2. It’s oh so classic and timeless, no doubt that it is a good investment


Image via Vans 

Trends come and go, but not Vans are here to stay! The iconic brand has been around since 1966, that’s more than 50 years!


3. They are easy on the wallet too.

Vans are the best beaters on the market! It is easy to get and it’s affordable too!


4. Looks great on almost anything.

Keep it fresh or trash em’? Dress it up or down? You decide.


5. They lend their hands to the community and environment

Image via Vans 

All of Vans came in an eco-friendly box and they even eliminated the branded tags on some of the key apparel products, saving more than 400 trees annually. Oh, besides that, the company is also active in conducting skate classes for the kids and partnering up with a long list of foundations dedicated to cleaning up oceans and beaches. Kudos!


6. Perfect on the board, great on the street.


It’s comfortable, nuff said.


7. All the legends of skateboarding wear em’

Image via Vans 

The Z-Boys, Bones Brigade and the local favourite skater Pa’din all wears Vans. Hmm… should we add more names to the list?


8. Collabs? Yes, please.


Image via Vans 

The Californian brand is notoriously famous for their long history and successful collaborations. And, if the GR’s can no longer cure your sneaker crave, we advise you to hold on to your horses as we are sure more collabs are coming in the future!


9. Waffle Sole!


Image via Vans 

Ahh, the iconic signature everyone knows and loves.


10. Vans are OFF THE WALL!


Image via Vans 

End of story.


So that’s all for now as we have come to the end of our list. Pop by to their newest retail space at 3rd Floor Fashion Arena to check out what’s available in store.


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