Introducing Trendsetter's Brand New Content: The Collector Series

Post on April 06, 2018 | SOGO Malaysia

The Collector Series is the latest segment that focuses to highlight enthusiast of various interests under the spotlight. We wish to sit down, unearth Malaysia’s hidden treasures and most importantly to share the passionate fixation of collecting to the eyes of the world. To kickoff the first episode of the series, we travelled to a small town in the south of Selangor to meet with Nur Gajir, a full-time calligraphy artist and a well-known figure in the denim collecting scene.

The man from the land below the wind has basically been collecting denim for almost his entire life. But, of all the brands available on the market, one has particularly caught his attention and sparked his craze to what seems like a good addiction, and that is none other than the notoriously famous American brand Levi’s. So, sit back, hang tight and hit the play button below to know what drives him to build such an insane indigo collection.


Make your way to SOGO’s 3rd Floor Fashion Arena to get your hands on a pair of Levi’s.

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