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Believe it or not, sneaker culture has grown to be the it thing today. The number of people hopping on the wagon of the blooming craze is getting higher by the minute. Queuing up for hours and even days in a mile long line-up before an actual release date is surprisingly the newly accepted norm today. Why? Simply because sneakerheads are thirsty for the limited runs and exclusive releases that barely has the chance to even hit the shelf. Some do it purely for the passion while the others copped just so they could brag that they have a thicker pocket than you. But hey, to each his own, right?


Securing a pair can possibly be a dream that is far-stretched from turning into a reality, unless you are willing to fork out extra ka-ching to get it from the secondary market at a much higher price. Some resellers even jacked the price up to quadruple and in certain cases, reaching 3,285% of the initial retail price. It is all depending on the demand of course, the lower the supply for an immense demand sneaker means there’s more money to earn. Ya-da, ya-da, you get the idea. The competition is surely insane, no doubt about that.


And, in a sea of stunting and flexing, lies a group of the average sneaker joes. Those who either just got into the game or have a limited amount of purchasing power at their disposal. We understand how frustrating it is to get an L at every sneaker drop, and we know the feeling of constant failure to score a pair. So, for the newbies and rookies out there, who hate to pay more than the actual price stated on the box yet still want to look fresh in the game, y'all better pay close attention because this article is intended for you. 


Without further ado, let us guide you through the list of sneakers that we believe you should cop to cure your sneaker crave. Oh, it can also be a solid foundation for you to pop your sneaker collecting cherry.  

Converse Chuck Taylor 1970’s

Image via Nike

This is not the ordinary Chucks that you commonly see in store, it is a “Premium” version of the classics. The pair comes with all the original detailing like how it was made back in 1970’s, with additional modern updates. Ticker canvas, memory foam insole, higher foxing, tapered toe box and a black tab “license plate”.  Groovy!


Adidas Stan Smith


Image via adidas

Simply put, it is one of the most recognisable pair from the Three Stripes Brand (Next to Adidas Superstar, in which we believe should be in the list too). It was the first tennis shoes ever made, and first to feature a full leather upper with a smooth toe box. And, the iconic monochrome emblem of the numero uno tennis player in the world makes an iconic pair...even more iconic.


Reebok Club C


Image via Reebok

Reebok Club C, (The C stands for champion) was introduced back in the 1985, during an era where the goals for most of brands at that time were to create a high-tech looking sneakers. However, by staying true to the minimalist tennis DNA, Club C champions itself into a surprising light with their retro sleek silhouette. It performs well on the court and steal the attention on the streets too. It is truly the best of both worlds. case you didn’t know, Reebok is owned by adidas.


Converse Jack Purcell


Image via Nike

The signature smiling toe face is what makes the pair oh so unique! Pairing the classic looking silhouette from the 70’s adds a bit of flare to your whole outfit. It shows that you know your history as well as your game.


New Balance 574


Image via New Balance

It doesn’t hurt to cop one of the OG brand of running shoes. New Balance 574 comes packed with features like Encap Cushioning System for added comfort and protection. Moreover, what we love the most about the 574, especially the Made In USA model is that the craftsmanship is top-notch, as if it is made for the royalties. And, please don’t get us started with the amount of colours available on the is plain ridiculous!


New Balance CRT300


Image via Graffitishop

Ahh, another tennis shoes made it to the list! It’s sleek, minimal and has a solid history behind it. The impact of all three together is almost too much. *drooling*


Puma Suede


Image via Puma

One of the most influential sneakers in hip-hop culture is turning 50 years old! Yay! If you flip through the pages of your history book, you are bound to find all the B-boys, DJs and rappers rocking Puma Suedes in their prime. However, the most significant moment for the suedes were carved on the podium of the 1968 Olympic, known best as the “Black Power Salute”.


Nike Flyknit Racer


Image via Nike

Nike Flyknit Racer was released in the year 2002 and became an instant hit among the fans. They love the bright colourways, lean build and the fact that it was designed for marathon running. It is the pair that has successfully shifted the modern day sneaker trend and made the racers to be the go-to picks for those who wish ride the Runners wave.


Vans Slip-On


Image via vans

Checkered Slip-Ons were the one that put Vans under the spotlight. The pair made a debut in a famous movie called “The Fast Times at Ridgemont High” when Sean Penn hit himself in the head with the shoe. Oh, like that isn’t enough, Vans were also worn by the team who started it all out, the one who gave birth to the skateboarding culture. The Z-boys skate team consisting of Tony Alva, Stacy Peralta and Jay Adams, to name a few.  Just so you know, they are still rocking a pair of Vans up until today. Vans are without a doubt, Legen-Wait For It... DARY!


Air Force 1


Image via nike

I said give me two pair (cause)

I need two pair

So I can get to stomping in my air force ones...


Ring any bells for you? Yeah..Nelly made a song  about it because Air Force 1 truly is one of the ultimate and iconic pair of all times.

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