Iron It Like a Boss!

Post on April 06, 2018 | SOGO Malaysia

Ironing is indeed a nightmare! Just the thought of it can easily turn a dozen of smiles into frowns of urggh. Yes, we know for a fact that the majority of us prefer to stave off from the dreary task of straightening all the creases. And, since we need to put up with the inconvenience injustice, whether we like it or not, we came up with a few ironing hacks to help you get through the annoying task efficiently.


1. Give it a good shake


Twisted blop of clothes is the cause of wrinkles on our garments. So, whenever you are moving your laundry from the washing machine to the dryer, or from the drying rack to your storage, always remember to give your duds a good ol’ shake. This helps to reduce the creases to a minimum, saving you time from covering more grounds.


2. Know your fabrics


Most irons come with a temperature scale, mainly because each fabric is unique and requires a different degree of heat to get it flat and smooth. The key to a quicker and more professional results is to select the perfect temperature for your fabric. But, if you are in doubt about which temperature to use, check the back of your wardrobe label for instructions or start with the low temperature and work your way up.


3. Spray it till you make it.


You will find it at least 10x easier for you to iron your clothes when it is damp. For an extra crisp and smooth, dampen the material with a starch or wrinkle relaxer.


4.Wrinkle free shirt


This is probably one of the easiest solution available in the book. Though the wrinkle free shirts can cost an arm and a leg, the satisfaction of skipping the repetitive spraying and pressing is just… priceless!


5. Double up the heat


Don’t let the heat go to waste! Make a full use of all the excessive heat by reflecting it back to your clothes with a simple aluminium foil. Basically, what you need to do is slip a thin piece of aluminium foil under the ironing board cover and you are done. Shaving a few minutes of your time as you are practically ironing both sides at the same time.


We hope that our simple ironing hacks will help turn the chore into something a little less annoying. Also, if you have tips to share, let us know in the comment section below so we could add it in our list for the benefit of all the readers.

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