Introducing MYJ Beauty London

Post on August 08, 2017 | SOGO Malaysia
About the Brand
MYJ BEAUTY LONDON was founded in 2011 by Jameson Juwily originally from Malaysia who has now been living in London for the last 14 years. His passion for all things beauty gave him the determination to create MYJ BEAUTY LONDON brand. His expertise lies in creating distinctive lipsticks and lip glosses.

Being a lover of lipsticks, the Trendsetter Online team decided to check out these lipsticks by MYJ BEAUTY LONDON and have a go at trying out the colours too!

The colours selected by MYJ BEAUTY LONDON are carefully selected to enhance the lips of every wearer. Best of all, we were very amused when reading the names of the lipsticks as it was named after famous streets in London!

The lipsticks are smooth to apply and the colours are beautifully bold! We love how the lipstick glides effortlessly across our lips. Our personal favourite shade is Baker Street as it’s a shade that’s perfect for day to day wear!

Here’s a list of the lipstick that’s available:
• 01# Baker Street
• 02# Bond Street
• 03# Carnaby Street
• 04# Downing Street
• 05# Fleet Street
• 06# Harley Street
• 07# Oxford Street
• 08# Regent Street

Lipstick should be worn every single day because it can truly enhance a woman’s entire look! Check out the wide range of shades (from nude to bold) from MYJ BEAUTY LONDON! Available now at GF Beauty Arcade, SOGO!

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