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Post on January 11, 2018 | SOGO Malaysia
Power banks, earphones, raincoat and books are among some of the necessary items that we need to carry on a daily basis. Sadly though, not even half of the listed items are able to fit into our pockets without causing unneeded bulging that will inevitably ruin our slim silhouette. It doesn’t matter whether we are going out to work or perhaps spending our day off for a quick adventure, having a backpack on our shoulder can indeed help us to get through the day a little bit more efficiently.

And, with an array selections of backpacks available on the market today, choosing one that is reliable and stylish can be tricky. Which then became the reason for us to come up with a list of 2 hottest brands 
that we believe you should rock on your shoulder the next time you walk out of the door. 


1. Fjällräven


The company started out their business in 1960 by the founder, Åke Nordin, a scout and devoted outdoor aficionado who loved spending his time trekking the mountains of Västerbotten in the north of Sweden. The idea to design the iconic Fjällräven backpacks sparked as the founder believed that the backpacks available during that time were far from comfortable to carry. According to Åke, most of them were poorly made and hung like shapeless bags which forced him to bend in order to compensate for the weight.


Åke then came up with the idea to sew a bag out of strong cotton material in which he fastened to a sturdy frame using leather straps. As a result, the weight was distributed equally across his back and he could carry a heavier load, longer and a lot easier too. From there the company continues to reinvent and produce high-quality products that are second to none. This explains why Fjällräven has always been the go-to backpack brand for more than 50 years.

Feathery light when it’s empty 

Comfortable when it's full.

Photo credit: Fjällräven


2. Doughnut

We are proud to introduce a Malaysian label on our list! Doughnut is a brand famous for producing impeccable quality and trendy backpacks that are loved by many. It was founded by a young entrepreneur in 2007 and built on a foundation to produce well-balanced products to trim the line between fashion and functionality. Constantly progressing to offer only the best products, the brand incorporates the latest materials, styles, and concepts into each of their designs to ensure their products are able to cater to every need.

Equipped with padded compartment to store your device safely 

Made for work and play

Quality built to last for years


Photo credit: Doughnut

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