How to Have Longer and Fuller Lashes Naturally!

Women with lustrous and full lashes instantly give that dramatic and sensuous appeal. It's simply a magnetising attraction that elevates beauty and attractiveness. Fret not, as you could attain these alluring and enchanting wings naturally! Here's a list of simple routines ... CONTINUE READING.
December 11, 2017 | SOGO Malaysia

Food That Makes Your Skin Glow Naturally

Our precious body canvas is constantly at a downward plunge due to bad influences in the form of habits and exposure to harmful chemicals. While there may be lots of products dubbed as skin food; your skin more than ever needs all ... CONTINUE READING.
November 27, 2017 | SOGO Malaysia

Bottoms up! Drink More to Stay Healthy

Did you know that water accounts for 60% of our body? The good ol’ H2O is indeed vital in ensuring our brain, body, and system to function properly. As a way to motivate all of our readers to drink at least ... CONTINUE READING.
November 20, 2017 | SOGO Malaysia

4-Step Basic Skincare Routine for Men

Gone are the days when men hardly paid much attention to the well-being of their skin. Today's modern age men have made skin care routine a quintessential part of their daily tasks. Here's a rather basic and simple routine that encompasses all ... CONTINUE READING.
October 31, 2017 | SOGO Malaysia

5 Perks of Adding on a Vitamin C Serum to your Skincare Routine

Commonly pitted and reigns supreme against other beauty products in the area of anti-aging; vitamin C serums has a multitude of goodness for your skin and greatly enough it works wonders on women and men of all ages and skin types. So ... CONTINUE READING.
October 30, 2017 | SOGO Malaysia

Tips to Care for your Lovely Lady Lumps

Tips to Care for your Lovely Lady Lumps Similar to women's bodies, breasts come in all shapes and sizes. And this may change numerous times over a woman's lifetime. It's often times a challenge to identify what are "normal" breasts with social pressure ... CONTINUE READING.
October 11, 2017 | SOGO Malaysia

5 Ways to Have A Dazzling Smile

If the eyes are the window to the soul; a flawless set of pearly whites are without a doubt one that captivates a sense of magical charm. With such a task at hand; you ought to provide them the tender loving ... CONTINUE READING.
October 06, 2017 | SOGO Malaysia

Let’s Go Bold!

Take out the NUDE and bring in the BOLD! We know nude lipsticks are all the rage but a little bold lipstick every now and then doesn’t hurt! The Trendsetter Online team is on the hunt for the boldest lipstick colour to ... CONTINUE READING.
September 26, 2017 | SOGO Malaysia

6 Tips to Get Luscious Lips

Who doesn’t love to have luscious lips? Most women spend a lot of money on lipsticks but do not know the proper way for lip care! Here are a few tips to keep your lips looking beautiful! 1.Exfoliate Exfoliating is important as it rids ... CONTINUE READING.
September 22, 2017 | SOGO Malaysia

Trendsetter Online Team’s Beauty Picks!

SOGO has recently unveiled the all-new beauty hall! To celebrate this beautiful event, the Trendsetter Online team has picked out their favourite beauty products from our Ground Floor Beauty Hall! S loves to pamper herself at home after a long day at ... CONTINUE READING.
September 19, 2017 | SOGO Malaysia